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VMarine Ltd.  -   Connecting Canadian marine professionals nation wide. Maritime Jobs, Personnel, News
Who is VMarine Ltd.
VMarine is a Canadian company specialized in many marine related businesses. It owns and operates www.maritimecrewingofvancouver.com The company was established by the Canadian Marine Officers with over 45 years of sea-going experience and it is focused on a Canadian marine market from coast to coast. 
www.maritimecrewingofvancouver.com has been providing many marine related workers to maritime companies localy in Canada and world wide since 2007. 

Why VMarine Ltd.
We are Canadian, we are local, we are professional in a maritime industry!
We keep our focus on Canada—because we’re Canadians. This means we tailor our products, services, and advice for the market maritime market right here. We are the first Canadian agency to offer maritime job board services 100% focused on marine business and Canadian professionals only.  

Our mission
To provide professional, simple and reliable marine advertising services in Canada that ensures our jobseekers and employers are connected by the strong link any given time. 

Our philosophy
Our success depends on the success of our customers. Actively listening to our customers and truly understanding their needs, and then translating these needs into successful products and solutions is central to achieving our goal. 

For employers
VMarine Ltd. has to offer - Narrow,Targeted audience – Affordable – Local - Instant
Visit our the Employer section of our website to choose which product is best for you.

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      Reasons to Advertise with us as Employer

Reach our the only Canadian maritime professionals web-portal of marine professionals.

Access our stand-by crew to fill your team.

Attract candidates from our exclusive network of marine stand-by crew, the 24/7 ready to join you.

Reach the most relevant candidates quickly and most cost-effectively.

How does VMarine Ltd. work's for local seafarers and Employers?

As the Employer, with us You can: 

 Upload job advertisements online by using our self service module. ​                                             
 Generate substantial traffic to your website by advertising on our site                                                                
 You can contact the sales team to discuss advanced options like video recrutier profile, mini sites,VIP Partnership, branded advertising.          
√ You can search our CV database or get our professional staff do it for you with with 100% success.

Contact the sales team to learn more.
E-mail :sales@maritimecrewingofvancouver.com

As for the Seafarers - upload your resume to the most trusted, professionals operated web portal to gain most interest and outcome from potential employers. Get noticed within 72 hours! 

Does VMarine Ltd. cover's landbased vacancies too?

In VMarine Ltd., we are all ex-sailors. We consider the vessels on sea as the foundation of the business. You may work in an office - but money are still earned by moving a ship from A to B. 
Looking to fill maritime jobs in British Columbia or elsewhere in Canada? 

www.MaritimeCrewingofVancouver.com is the easiest, most cost effective way to promote your job openings to local job seekers. 

Headhunting, need the perfect employee for the full time or a term? Leave it to us, we will find one for you! Our professional team has more then 40 years of experience in a marine industry.